🎓 Finally, a graduate

Some of you know that I took the unconventional route of getting a full-time job in my dream career before finishing my degree.

Well, finally, seven years later, today I graduated. Working in news was hard enough, but balancing school and life proved to be a challenge, so I slowed my courseload down.

I am so proud to be an alumnus of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Finally 🎉

At first, I was embarrassed that it took me this long, but I’ve come to realize I need to embrace it. I wouldn’t change what I did.

At KELOLAND, I got the education of a lifetime for television. I had the chance to work on-air and behind the scenes, learning how to do almost every industry job. It led me to my dream job — to work in Chicago for those famous call letters — WGN.

This is kind of full circle for me because 13 years ago, I got a letter from ASU Cronkite sent to my middle school to convince me to consider going there. I didn’t go at first, but I’m glad it’s where I finished.

I’m so grateful for the many people who mentored me and pushed me to finish. Going to ASU was thanks to Starbucks and the incredible College Achievement Plan benefit. It’s why I woke up early to make coffee at Starbucks, then go to work. This fantastic company paid for much of my ASU experience, and I was so #ProudToBeAPartner.

I took the day off work to watch the virtual commencement and pop some champagne, but it’s back to work tomorrow. Need to pay off these student loans!

By Michael Geheren

Michael Geheren is a project manager at 10up.